Decorative Lightweight Wall and Floor Tiles with Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Properties

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Elegance, Lightness , Style

At KOFORMA we manufacture versatile and stylish stone effect concrete slabs, textured wall tiles and stepping stones. Our premium quality, aesthetic concrete tiles and panels for walls and floors offer a stylish and contemporary alternative to ceramic, porcelain tiles and natural stones. A wide range of colours and finishes available to suit any application or design. KOFORMA products are easy to install and can be used in residential and commercial spaces for interior and exterior decoration and cladding purposes.

aesthetic and functional


The unique colours, textures and finishes of our stone effect split face wall tiles and mosaics reflect to the latest architectural and interior design trends. KOFORMA stone effect cladding tiles bring sophistication to any design without the expense of installing real stone and offers a contemporary solution to add character and design to interior spaces.

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Elegance, Lightness , Style

KOFORMA split face wall tiles apart from aesthetics and style offer a high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation. The unique insulation properties of KOFORMA wall tiles by maximising thermal performance improve energy efficiency and as a result lower energy consumption and costs. Installing KOFORMA wall tiles facilitate acoustic insulation and able to reduct noise transmission significantly.

thermo and acoustic insulation


The insulation of KOFORMA wall tiles gives the ability to improve the thermal and acoustic comfort of the environment where it is installed. Properly installed wall tiles can reduce noise transmission up to  50% through the wall and in the meantime due to thermo insulation reduce energy consumption up to 30% approximately. 

Reduced Weight

Lower Freight Cost, Greater Productivity.

Our innovative technology and unique manufacturing process enables us to produce durable light weight concrete wall panels which are approximately 50% lighter than similar concrete tiles available at the market. This feature of KOFORMA panels is translated to various advantages from easier and quicker installation, savings in transportation costs and less structural weight load.


Eco-Conscious Production Processes


KOFORMA strives to make a responsible contribution to a sustainable future. The manufacturing of KOFORMA concrete slabs, textured wall tiles and stepping stones follow strict processes in accordance with the latest  standards of production requirements. Through the extended use of recycling and eco-friendly practices KOFORMA aims to contribute to environmental protection.

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The latest KOFORMA product  catalogue here provided for download. In this catalogue you will find relevant information about all of our products.