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Our Mission

Elegance, Lightness , Style

Our mission is to provide decorative and functional cladding solutions to our partners and to transfer the advantages achieved through product innovation to the wider market.

We are proud that an increasing number of architects, designers and building contractors use our products because of its exeptional qualities and to facilitate the several benefits it provides. Besides its aesthetic beauty inspired by the European elegant and timeless stone design KOFORMA products offer functional advantages from durability, thermal and acoustic insulation, improved energy efficiency, lower shipping costs and easy installation.

aesthetic and functional

Why Choose Koforma

In addition to design and aesthetics , the use of KOFORMA tiles for exterior and interior cladding increases the mechanical strength of the walls, while offering protection from a range of elements and resulting a damp and fire resistant surface, which also protects from external conditions such as water absorption. KOFORMA wall tiles are designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -20 to +50 degrees Celsius, tand resist direct flame for more than 15 minutes without undergoing change.


Elegance, Lightness , Style

At KOFORMA, our vision is to became the most innovative functional cladding manufacturer who is able to constantly introduce aesthetic and functional products to our customers.

Our medium term goals are to further reduce the weight of our products while improving the quality of it, to introduce KOFORMA products to the wider market by installing small production units in several states, to provide jobs in these manufacturing plans hence support local communities.

Who Are We





Elegance, Lightness , Style

KOFORMA was founded in 2006 in Sutto, Hungary. We have started our manufacturing activities by experimenting and producing various concrete wall tiles utilising new technologies, special materials and mineral aggregates focusing on thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

In 2014 we visited in a trade fair in São Paulo, where we realised that there is no similar product offered in the Brazilian market. This realisation inspired us to bring our technology and  technicians to Brazil and establish a manufacturing unit in the country. We have rigorously tested and refined our formula to suit the Brazilian regulations and market for over a year before introducing it to the public. 

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